2018 Film Festival


The 2018 LTUE Film Festival is going to be amazing. Many of these films were produced, directed, or scripted by our LTUE presenters. Not only do we have a GREAT lineup, but we also have a leading edge (true theater) sound system. We’ll be using the Techtonics PL-11 DLM Flat Panel speakers and amplifier. These are some of the best theater speakers used in professional concerts and real theaters. Come watch and listen!

Please note: There will be introductions and QA after the screenings (for some of the films). The timing won’t be exact. You should plan plus or minus 10 or 15 minutes for films you want to see.

Please be patient with us.


Thursday Screenings (February 15, 2018) Cedar – 7:00 PM to Midnight

  • “Extinct” (BYUtv episode) Introduced by Aaron Johnston with QA after (~ 1 hour).
  • The Adventures of Captain Blackbone and the Crew of the Fetid Scallop (Comedy Cartoon – 3m) –  Gangrene
  • Some Like It Bot (a human sneaks into a robots only bar – tech/geek comedy – 8m) – Crystal Kelly
  • Oh What a Pretty Web (Two brothers learn from the consequences of lying – 17m) – Joseph Ahlman
  • Oceantics (Cartoon – 2m) – Joseph Ahlman
  • I Love My Robot Boyfriend – Making the perfect (robot) boyfriend leads to some very interesting (and unexpected) consequences. High Tech Romantic Comedy – 18m – Sariah May (Director)
  • Acting Reels (A brief example of a successful acting portfolio in English and Spanish – 4m) – Richie Franklin
  • Mediconnect Global – Mission MediaConnect (Comedy high tech “Mission Impossible” like records retrieval – 5m) – Richie Franklin
  • Hold On (A powerful outreach for Handling Depression – The Hope Squad at MVHS Orem – 4m) – Easton Parkhurst
  • Mythomania (Comedy – Recognizing the Implausible and overcoming gullibility – 9m) – Craig Nybo
  • Sudden Death (Comedy – Finally, a brilliant musical where everyone dies, or do they? – 20m) – Mildly Fearsome Films
  • El Murcielago (Dark drama in English and Spanish – 14m) – Ruston Jones, Richie Franklin


Friday Screenings (February 16th, 2018) Cedar – 7:00 PM to Midnight

  • ConLanging (Creating language for Science Fiction and Fantasy – 1h 35m ) – introduced by Logan Kearsley
  • A Provo Romance (A brilliant hilarious foray into dating “in Provo” – 11m) – FHE3
  • Research (Comedy – What you don’t know, can’t hurt you, or can it? – 9m) – Mildly Fearsome Films
  • Above the Law (Zombie movie, featuring Star Trek, security guards, and a crazy old man – 20m) – Craig Nybo
  • Space Monkeys (Cartoon – The Story of a Boy and his Mail Order Monster – 14m) – Gangrene
  • Two Moments in Time (One forgotten woman is about to be remembered – short) – Don Percy
  • Paradise Lost (Tales that Should Not Be – Never make a deal with the Devil – 11m) – Chupacabra Pro – Gangrene Film Festival.
  • Madness on Black (Tales that Should Not Be – the answer to “what is out there” may be worse than you think. – 11m) – Chupacabra Pro – Gangrene Film Festival.
  • Behind the Blue Door (Feature – Foreign drama) – Warren Workman
  • Embers and Dust (Imagine your city power going out in the middle of listening to Orson Wells War of the Worlds over the radio in 1938 – 12m) – Patrick Bieseman
  • The Disintegration Machine (What if you could “dissolve” anything the way salt melts in water? – short) – Peter C. Davidson.
  • Doppelganger (What if your evil alien “twin” wreaks havoc with your life – 25m) – Blake Casselman
  • Kiss the Devil in the Dark (What would you do to save the love of your life? – 30m) – Blake Casselman
  • We will also show other short films or trailers as time permits.

This schedule is subject to change.