David Farland: Brainstorming a Scene

Our featured guest post for today comes from David Farland. An accomplished author of dozens of bestselling novels, Farland has established himself as a leading authority on crafting superb fiction. You’ll find him at the forefront of the Writers of the Future contest. He’s a (very) active presence in your inbox if you subscribe to his newsletter. You’ll also see him at LTUE 2018.

In this post, Farland teaches the core principles behind writing effective scenes.

As a contest judge, I see a lot of stories from beginners. Very often the new author seems to be preoccupied with just “writing.” They let their imaginations take them where they will in a scene. So they tend to overwrite in one of several ways.

They may spend time exploring the nooks and crannies of a setting, or creating entire billion-year histories. They might relay relatively unimportant information about a character’s inner motivations, or over-write rather trivial dialog. They may spend time playing with words, trying simply to write beautiful metaphors or they might try to be witty, or simply try to capture a mood or tone.

The results can sometimes be surprising and a bit gratifying, but most often the scene feels bloated, overwritten.

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L.E. Modesitt Jr.: LTUE Offers “A Wealth of Insight and Information”

Today’s featured guest post comes from bestselling fantasy author L.E. Modesitt Jr. A longstanding and active participant in LTUE, Modesitt writes huge, intricate, and detailed novels spanning sprawling worlds. If anyone knows the merits of good information, it’s him.

If you’re interested in writing, particularly fantasy and science fiction, Life, The Universe, and Everything (LTUE), the Provo literary symposium now held every year in mid-February, is an underrated, often overlooked, conference that provides a wealth of insight and information about the field. Just listing the noted authors, editors, and even publishers who have attended LTUE and shared their expertise would take a good page single-spaced.

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Orson Scott Card: A Community Coming Together

Welcome to the LTUE Blog! With the advent of LTUE within the next two weeks, we are beginning to feature guest posts on our site. Hear from the experts themselves about science fiction and fantasy, and get a taste of what you’ll experience at the symposium.

Today’s featured post comes from best-selling author Orson Scott Card, who has long been a participant at LTUE and a builder of creative communities around the world.

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