Art Show

LTUE is happy to announce the return of an art show to the symposium in 2017! If you have any questions about the Art Show, feel free to contact us at

Open Submissions

Open Submissions for LTUE 2017 are closed. Additional artists will be added by invitation only.

We currently have a waiting list for additional display spaces. Any extra display space will be sold at $25 per 3’x4′ panel. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to trade volunteer time for display space.


*Please note that purchase of art panels does not include a membership to the symposium.

  • Any copyright, licensing, and/or other legal concerns with fictional or non-fictional characters are the responsibility of the individual artist. By submitting art to the Life, the Universe, and Everything Art Show, you are stating that the work is your original, non-derivative work and that the work does not violate any copyright, licensing, and/or other domestic and/or international laws.
  • As family friendly show, we will not display any art pieces showing the bared body parts used in the in the creation or nurturing of life. We reserve the right reject any piece for any reason.
  • Artists chosen for the art show may sell prints in The Print Shop.
  • Pieces may be sold by set price or by silent auction but artists may also choose to display original art that is not for sale.
  • Art will remain in the art show for the entire three days of the symposium (February 16-18).
  • Print Shop items are priced as marked and are available for immediate purchase.

Photography and Filming of Art

No photography or video recording of any kind is permitted in the Art Show unless explicitly cleared by the artist and/or rights holder and Art Show staff. The artist or agent must be present or have indicated in writing that news media filming and photography is acceptable.

Print Shop Information

There is no cost to have items in the Print Shop, but there will be a 20% commission for LTUE on all works purchased. Prints in the Print Shop will need to be signed and numbered. Print Shop items will be priced as marked and will be available for immediate purchase. As space in the Print Shop will be limited, LTUE reserves the right to rearrange items during the show  to make sure all items are displayed. We may also restrict the amount of space used by any artist depending on the number of items in the Print Shop.

All artists in the art show may sell prints through the print shop (prints must be provided by artist) and the art show. We will collect all payments including sales tax. There will be 20% commission to cover credit card fees, sales tax, and to go toward next year’s art show.

Art Show Set Up

Initial set up will begin at the hotel on Wednesday evening, February 15th. The art show room will open at 8:00am on Thursday to continue checking in and hanging art. Display and Print Shop items must be checked in by the artist or agent with the art show staff, and be listed on an appropriate control sheet.

Forms & Registration

Below are the registration form, as well as control sheets for both display and print shop, all in PDF format:

  • Registration Form and Rules Please only return the first page, and please be sure to read the rules and information on the remaining pages.
  • Display Control Sheets Please list each individual item separately.
  • Print Shop Control Sheets Please list each unique item separately, and indicate the quantity for multiples of the same item (such as multiple prints of the same piece).

Art Pick Up and Checkout

Those who have purchased art from the art show may pick it up beginning at 5:00pm on Saturday, February 18th.

Break down and pick up of art by artist may be done after 5:30pm to 6:30pm on Saturday, February 18th. Please email us at if you are going to need different times than these so we can make those arrangements in advance.

Art must be checked out with the art show staff for record keeping. We will not release art to anyone not authorized to receive it.

Artist commission checks will be mailed, generally within 8 weeks of the end of the symposium. The checks may be included in the package of returning art (if any) as well. Checks will be made out to the artist unless otherwise instructed on the registration form.