Author Signing Party Extravaganza!

It’s LTUE’s traditional massive author-a-palooza, the Science Fiction and Fantasy autographing event of the year. For LTUE 2018, the book signing will be held on the evening of Friday, February 16th, 2018 in Exhibit Hall A, across the street from the Provo Marriott at the Utah Valley Convention Center.

  • Free entry
  • BYOB (Bring your own books) and / or Buy On-site
  • Meet and talk to your favorite authors
  • Discover new favorites
  • Watch for attending author updates HERE

This is the author signing to beat all author signings. Introduce yourself to your favorite authors and get your books signed. Bring your own books, and / or purchase select titles on-site. This is one event not to be missed!

2018 Participating Authors

A. J. Klaisch
Alan Bahr
Alyson Peterson
Angela Hartley
Ann Chamberlin
Blake Casselman
Brandon Barrus
Brandon Mull
BreeAnn Moore
Brian C. Hailes
Brian Lee Durfee
Brian McClellan
Bryan Young
C. K. Edwards
C. A. Preece
C. R. Langille
Callie Stoker
Candace Thomas
Cary David Belt
Caryn Larrinaga
Charlie N. Holmberg
Charlie Pulsipher
Christian McKay Heidicker
Christine Haggerty
Christopher Husberg
Courtney Alameda-Jensen
Craig Nybo
D. J. Butler
Dan Wells
Dan Willis
Daniel Swenson
Dave Wolverton
David J. West
David Mark Brown
David Powers King
Dene Low
Dennis Dorrity
Dennis Packard
Dustin Hansen
Emily Martha Sorensen
Emily Rittel-King
Eric G. Swedin
Eric James Stone
Frank Morin
Ginny Smith
Graham Bradley
Greg Newbold
Heather Dyer
Heather Frost
Heather Wallace
Holli Anderson
Howard Tayler
J Scott Savage
J. David Baxter
Janci Patterson
Jason King
Jay Barnson
Jeb Kinnison
Jemma M Young
Jennifer Jenkins
Jess Smart Smiley
Jessica Day George
Jessica Douglas
Jo Walton
John K. Lundwall
John M Olsen
Johnny Worthen
Joseph Ahlman
Josi Russell
Julie Frost
Julie Wright
Kal Spriggs
Karen C. Evans
Kathryn Purdie
Kjirstin Youngberg
L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
L. Palmer
Larry Correia
Lehua Parker
M.A. Nichols
Matthew Kirby
Maxwell Alexander Drake
McKelle George
Megan Hutchins
Melissa McShane
Mette Ivie Harrison
Michael Gallowglas
Michael Jensen
Myke Cole
Nathan Shumate
Nichole Giles
Paul Genesse
Paul Smith
Peter Orullian
Rebecca Rode
Renee Collins
Robert J Defendi
Robert Starling
Robin Glassey
Robison Wells
Roger Bourke White, Jr.
Ryan Decaria
Sarah Euphemia Seeley
Sarah Hoyt
Scott E. Tarbet
Scott R. Parkin
Scott William Taylor
Spencer Ellsworth
Stan Crowe
Stephen Gashler
Todd McCaffrey
Valerie J.O. Gardner
Wendy Knight
Wendy Nikel

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