What if’s

Since the beginning of time, humans have created stories about the way the world around them works. If they couldn’t figure it out on their own by observation and experimentation – the best time to grow food is planting in the Spring and harvesting in the fall – they created a story about why things seem to work the way it does – why does the weather get cold for 6 months out of the year? Hades, Demeter and the pomegranate.

As time moves forward, those things that were once in the realm of fantasy move in closer to the speculative and then to the realm of science. Greek myths have men building wings to fly free from enslavement. Leonardo Da Vinci drew sketches of flying machines. And then the Wright Brothers (and others) successfully built them. Now, we send machines in to space to investigate the planets that had been named after the gods.

Those stories about the What If’s and Why’s of the world continue today with fiction writing and most especially in Science Fiction and Fantasy writing. Even today, what were once “What If’s” in a book or a movie are now becoming reality. Video conferencing? Smart or flip phones? Tablets? E-books? Driverless cars? All postulated and written about in a multitude of books and movies, though the most common comparisons seem to come from Star Trek.

Since humans are wired to dream beyond what is immediately available, science fiction and fantasy will always be around. Let’s see what the future holds for us!

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