LTUE 2018 Guests

Todd McCaffrey

Guest of Honor – Todd McCaffrey

New York Times bestselling author Todd Johnson McCaffrey grew up in the world of science fiction and fantasy, being the middle son of the late Nebula Grandmaster, Anne McCaffrey.

He first discovered science fiction with Space Cat and was surprised (and delighted) to discover that his mother was also writing it.  He learned to type at 12 in order to earn his first typewriter so that he could start writing on his own.  Between sidetracks into the US Army, boardgaming, software engineering and parenthood, he continued to write, making his first sale in 1986.

He has collaborated on five Dragonriders of Pern® novels, written three solo Pern novels, and has written numerous short stories.

His latest book, the science-thriller City of Angels, about artificial intelligence (AI), has just come out from Wordfire Press.

You can learn more about him at

Jo Walton

Guest of Honor – Jo Walton

Jo Walton has published thirteen novels, most recently Thessaly. She has also published three poetry collections and an essay collection, and has a short story collection Starlings coming out in January 2018. She won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2002, the World Fantasy Award for Tooth and Claw in 2004, the Hugo and Nebula awards for Among Others in 2012, and in 2014 both the Tiptree Award for My Real Children and the Locus Non Fiction award for What Makes This Book So Great. She comes from Wales but lives in Montreal where the food and books are much better. She gets bored easily so she tends to write books that are different from each other. She also reads a lot, enjoys travel, talking about books, and eating great food. She plans to live to be ninety-nine and write a book every year.

Myke Cole

Special Guest – Myke Cole

As a security contractor, government civilian and military officer, Myke Cole’s career has run the gamut from Counterterrorism to Cyber Warfare to Federal Law Enforcement. He’s done three tours in Iraq and was recalled to serve during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  He recently joined the cast of Hunted on CBS as part of an elite team of fugitive hunters.

All that conflict can wear a guy out. Thank goodness for fantasy novels, comic books, late night games of Dungeons and Dragons and lots of angst fueled writing.

Contact Info:

Art Special Guest – Jessica Douglas

Jessica Douglas was born in a small town in Mississippi in the 1970’s. Being an atheist, Jessica uses fantastical imagery to help express questions about the intangible such as religion, spirituality, emotions, and mental health. Her love of rockhounding has lead her to incorrporate real gemstones and minerals into her watercolor paintings. Her work has been shown in galleries and museums around the world, and has been featured in magazines and other publications. When she is not painting she spends her time caring for, and finding forever homes for, rescued kittens and dogs that find their way to her home.

Larry Correia

Special Guest – Larry Correia

Larry Correia is a New York Times best-selling and award-winning author or coauthor of a boatload novels and even more short stories.

Alan Bahr

Special Guest – Alan Bahr

Alan Bahr is the lead designer and founder of Gallant Knight Games. Alan is a game designer perhaps best known for Planet Mercenary: The Roleplaying Game, based on the space opera webcomic Schlock Mercenary. He’s the design lead on TinyD6, West End Games D6 Second Edition, The Powder Mage RPG, and many more. He’s an avid fan of Noir films, Arthurian mythos, smooth jazz, clever roleplaying games, and his amazing wife.

Special Guest – Susan Chang

Susan Chang is a Senior Editor at Tor Books. After graduating from Vassar College with a degree in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, she began her publishing career at HarperCollins Children’s Books, where she worked for nine years before moving on to shorter stints at Hyperion Books for Children and Parachute Publishing, a book packager. In January 2004, Susan got her dream job at Tor Books as acquiring editor for the Starscape and Tor Teen imprints.

Susan acquires chapter books, middle grade, and young adult fiction. She does not acquire picture books, new adult, or adult books. Like many editors, she has eclectic tastes, and is open to be queried about anything and everything, not limited to science fiction and fantasy. Tor’s submission guidelines can be found here:

Special Guest – David Farland

David Farland is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author who has penned nearly fifty science fiction and fantasy novels for both adults and children. He also works as a videogame designer, a screenwriter, a movie producer, the coordinating judge of the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest (one of the world’s largest and most distinguished writing contests), and he has trained numerous other New York Times best-selling authors through his writing workshops and various classes.

Toastmaster – Charlie N. Holmberg

Born in Salt Lake City, Charlie N. Holmberg is the author of several (often romantic) fantasy novels, including the bestselling The Paper Magician series. A RITA Award finalist, she majored in English and minored in editing at Brigham Young University. Raised a Trekkie alongside three sisters who also have boy names, Charlie owns too many pairs of glasses and finally adopted a dog.

LTUE 2018 Guest Preview

Sandra Tayler

Sandra Tayler

Sandra Tayler is a writer of essays, picture books, speculative fiction, and blog entries. Sandra’s books and blog can be found at Her day job is being the editor, publisher, and business manager for the Schlock Mercenary comic strip. Her most recent projects have been a short graphic story and the Planet Mercenary RPG book. Sandra can be found online at or on twitter @SandraTayler. When she is not working, Sandra spends time with her house, her four kids, and her cartoonist husband, Howard Tayler.

Howard Tayler

Howard Tayler

Howard Tayler is the writer and illustrator behind Schlock Mercenary, the Hugo-nominated science fiction comic strip. He also co-hosts the Hugo and Parsec award-winning “Writing Excuses” podcast, a weekly ‘cast for genre-fiction writers, with Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, and Dan Wells. They collaborated together to create the Shadows Beneath anthology.

Howard has written tie-in fiction for Privateer Press, and horror for the Space Eldrich anthologies. His most recent project is the Planet Mercenary RPG.  Planet Mercenary is set in the universe of the Schlock Mercenary comic. You can find the comic online at

Dan Wells

New York Times bestselling author Dan Wells is best known for his horror series I Am Not A Serial Killer, of which the first book is now an award-winning movie through IFC Midnight. His other novels include The Hollow City, Extreme Makeover, and two young adult science fiction series: the post-apocalypse Partials and the cyberpunk Mirador.

Dan has written for television, on the science fiction series EXTINCT, and wrote and produced the horror comedy stage play A Night of Blacker Darkness. He cohosts the Hugo-winning podcast for aspiring writers called Writing Excuses, which has expanded to include its own writing conference. He also writes short fiction and game fiction, and edited the anthology Altered Perceptions to help raise funds for and awareness of mental illness. Dan lives in northern Utah with his wife, 6 children, and more than 400 boardgames.

LTUE 2018 Participating Guests

  • A. J. Klaich
  • Alan Bahr
  • Alicia McIntire
  • Alyssa Steed
  • Angela Hartley
  • Angie Fenimore
  • Ann Chamberlin
  • Blake Casselman
  • Bob Defendi
  • Bobbie Berendson W.
  • Brad R. Torgersen
  • Brandon Barrus
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Brandon Ho
  • Brandon Mull
  • Brennan Smith
  • Brian McClellan
  • Brian C. Hailes
  • Brian Lee Durfee
  • Bruce Allred
  • Bryan Young
  • C. David Belt
  • C. A. Preece
  • C. K. Edwards
  • C. R. Langille
  • Callie Stoker
  • Cara Stratton
  • Carlin Cottam
  • Carrie Harris
  • Caryn Larrinaga
  • Charlie Pulsipher
  • Charlie N. Holmberg
  • Chersti Nieveen
  • Christine Haggerty
  • Christopher Baxter
  • Clark Chamberlain
  • Cliff Green
  • Craig Nybo
  • D. J. Butler
  • D. W. Dalton
  • Dan Wells
  • Daniel Jeffery
  • Daniel Swenson
  • Daniel Craig Friend
  • Dr. Daniel E. Smalley
  • Darci Rhoades Stone
  • Dave Doering
  • David Farland
  • David Powers King
  • David J. West
  • Daxon Levine
  • Dr. Dene Low
  • Dennis Dorrity
  • Dr. Dennis Packard
  • Devon Dorrity
  • Dr. Dirk Elzinga
  • Donna Milakovic
  • Dustin Hansen
  • E. A. Younker
  • Elizabeth Buck
  • Emily Martha Sorensen
  • Emily R. King
  • Erekson Holt
  • Dr. Eric G. Swedin
  • Eric James Stone
  • Frank Morin
  • Ginny Smith
  • Gordon Frye
  • Graham Bradley
  • Greg Newbold
  • Heather Frost
  • Heather Wallace
  • Howard Tayler
  • J. DeFranco
  • J. David Baxter
  • J. Scott Bronson
  • J. Scott Savage
  • J. R. Johansson
  • James Ganiere
  • James Minz
  • James Wymore
  • Janci Patterson
  • Jason King
  • Jay Barnson
  • Jay Packard
  • Jeb Kinnison
  • Jemma M. Young
  • Jenette Scott
  • Jennifer Jenkins
  • Jennifer Moore
  • Jess Lindsay
  • Jess Smart Smiley
  • Jessica Douglas
  • Jessica Day George
  • Jo Walton
  • Joe Monson
  • Dr. John K. Lundwall
  • John M. Olsen
  • Johnny Worthen
  • Jonathan LaForce
  • Jonna Hayden
  • Joseph Ahlman
  • Joshua J. Perkey
  • Josi Russell
  • Julie Frost
  • Kaitlund Zupanic
  • Kal Spriggs
  • Karen Evans
  • Kathryn Purdie
  • Keary Taylor
  • Kenna Blaylock
  • Kevin Evans
  • Kip Rasmussen
  • Kjirstin Youngberg
  • L. Palmer
  • L. E. Modesitt Jr.
  • Larry Correia
  • Laura Henriksen
  • Laura Bedore Lerwill
  • Liesel Hill
  • Lisa Mangum
  • Luke Peterson
  • Lyman Dayton
  • M. Todd Gallowglas
  • M. A. Nichols
  • Mari Murdock
  • Matthew Kirby
  • Maxwell Alexander Drake
  • McKelle George
  • Megan Hutchins
  • Melissa McShane
  • Mette Ivie Harrison
  • Michael Jensen
  • Michael D. Young
  • Michaelbrent Collings
  • Mike Lovins
  • Myke Cole
  • N. Smalley
  • Dr. Newell D. Wright
  • Nick Scholz
  • Nikhil Pillarisetti Rao
  • Paul Genesse
  • Paul Williams
  • Dr. Paul H. Smith
  • Peter Orullian
  • Rebekah R. Ganiere
  • Renee Collins
  • Richard Franklin
  • Richard Lance Russell
  • Robert Hatch
  • Robert Starling
  • Robison Wells
  • Roger Bourke White Jr.
  • Rowan North
  • Ryan Decaria
  • Sandra Tayler
  • Sarah Hoyt
  • Sarah E Seeley
  • Scott Forman
  • Scott E. Tarbet
  • Scott R. Parkin
  • Shannon Babb
  • Sofiya Pasternack
  • Spencer Ellsworth
  • Stan Crowe
  • Stephanie Ollerton
  • Stephen Gashler
  • Steve Setzer
  • Susan Chang
  • Suzanne W. Vincent
  • T. J. da Roza
  • Thomas Ray Garcia
  • Tim McDonnell
  • Todd McCaffrey
  • Tom Durham
  • V. J. O. Gardner
  • Dr. Val Larsen
  • Wendy Nikel
  • Wendy Knight


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